Sunday, 9 July 2017

Hello people, how are you doing? This time I bring a poem by Jim Morrinson. Have you ever heard of him? Maybe you know him or not.Anyway,I tell you he was the singer of the Doors and also wrote many poems.He's one of the most iconic frontmen in rock music history. I love him . I hope you enjoy the poem. ;) Noelia

criminal metabolism of guilt forest
Rattlesnakes whistles castanets

Remove me from this hall of mirrors
This filthy glass

Are you her
Do you look like that
How could you be when
no one ever could

Poet of the call-girl storm

She left a note on the bedroom door.
“If I’m out, bring me to.”

I dropped by to see you
late last night
But you were out
like a light
Your head was on the floor
& rats played pool w/your eyes

Death is a good disguise
for late at night

Wrapping all games in its calm garden

But what happens
when the guests return
& all unmask
& you are asked
to leave
for want of a smile

I’ll still take you then
But I’m your friend.

If you don't like so much poetry ↑🔺, here you have a nice song "People are strange". Have a nice week!! Noelia