Thursday, 26 October 2017

short stories

Hi, today we will share a piece of feedback for our classmates Jogana, Aldana, Claudio and Joaquín


Monday, 25 September 2017

Dealing with difficult personalities

Students come in different ways and varieties, and I'm sure that as teachers, we all have had a difficult student at least once. Let's discuss about two of them: the Complainers and the Clams.

The Complainers, in my opinion, are those people who are difficult to please. No matter how much effort you put in planning your lessons, they will always think that the activities are boring and silly. In this case, I try to explain to those students that what may be silly or boring for them, it might be useful for others. And not all of us learn at the same pace. Thus, it's important to foster their tolerance.

On the other hand, there are the Clams. They are really shy and feel uncomfortable in activities in which they have to participate in some way. They try to avoid situations of conflict and risk-taking. One student of mine is even too shy to ask for clarification when he doesn't understand a task. So, I must walk around the classroom checking if everything is OK. At the beginning, I thought that he disliked me, but when I talked to other teachers, I found out that he behaves in the same way during all the lessons. So, I'm trying to make him participate a bit more: reading aloud or asking for his opinion on debates.
As you can see, we can't help working with difficult personalities, so the best we can do is be patient and give our best!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Resultado de imagen para images how to deal with difficult studentsHi people!!
How are you doing in this raining morning? 
Have you ever dealt with difficult students?
Have you ever felt frustrated because you 
couldn't find the way to manage them?
I think that most of us,as teacher,have ever faced complicated students.On the one hand, you can find students who are complaining all the time.Whatever activity that you propose it's boring or it isn't clear or they aren't just interesting at all. My humble suggestion is to find common ground with these students, for examples common interests,music, sports, TV programmes ,books,etc.
On the other hand you can find the kind of students who hate the school.They always say things like "I'm not doing this because I don't want or I hate doing it".Negative students can begin to make other students feel negatively about your class too and this is very dangerous.
 My modest advice in this situation is to 
Resultado de imagen para images how to deal with difficult studentsencourage them in all the little 
things they do to build their self-esteem.
Besides,you can also listen to them because
 many times they are experiencing some
 traumatic situation and that is the reason 
of their negativism.
I'd like you to share with me some suggestion
 if you have some.
Resultado de imagen para spring da

Sunday, 20 August 2017

  Reading experiences

Hi peeps!!How are you doing? This time I'm here to talk about reading experiences. All of us meet someone in life who loves reading books. This kind of guys who are always looking for new books and spend hours and hours reading just for pleasure.Wow that's fantastic!!Definitevely, I'm not one of them. However that doesn't mean that I haven't read any books. I've also had my humble reading experiences.My first book was "Mujercitas" when I was young. Then it came "Las puertas de Anubis"both of them in Spanish.
Resultado de imagen para mujercitas cover                  Resultado de imagen para las puertas de anubis
When I was teenager I enjoyed reading comics such as Batman and Darkness.
Resultado de imagen para comics batman                                  Resultado de imagen para darkness comic
Later in the training college I continued reading. Many time I could enjoy doing it.Books like Harry Potter and To kill a mockingbird were my favourite. I've also read Matilda, Treasure Island, Animal Farm and I'm sure that I've forgotten to name some of them. 
if you love books📕,
read them
 you can watch a film📺.

Saturday, 19 August 2017


I haven't read too many books outside my school life... The same happened during my years in the training college. The book which I enjoy reading was 'To kill a Mockingbird'. Thus, when a few years ago the second part of the story was released, I ran to the local library to read it. 

But this time, I read it in Spanish.  An interesting fact about this book is that the writer had written the second part before than 'To kill a Mockingbird', but for some reason it wasn't published until 2015. Spoiler! Scout comes back to her hometown and her relationship with Atticus has changed.

Another book which called my attention was 'Caballo de Fuego' written by the argentinian writer Florencia Bonelli. Even though it's a love story, I enjoyed it because I liked the writer's style. The story is about an argentinian doctor who falls in love with an arabic man who made his fortune thanks to wars.  The story is a trilogy and each book is set in three different cities: Paris, Congo and Gaza. 

Now, I'm reading 'The Great Gatsby' which I love ❤  Even though it's for the training college, I like the story because it has nice quotes...

I'm planning to read 'Propanga' by Edward Bernays. A colleague was reading it and it called my attention. Basically, this man explains his techniques to sell things to people, and to make them believe that they need them. 

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Hello people, how are you doing? This time I bring a poem by Jim Morrinson. Have you ever heard of him? Maybe you know him or not.Anyway,I tell you he was the singer of the Doors and also wrote many poems.He's one of the most iconic frontmen in rock music history. I love him . I hope you enjoy the poem. ;) Noelia

criminal metabolism of guilt forest
Rattlesnakes whistles castanets

Remove me from this hall of mirrors
This filthy glass

Are you her
Do you look like that
How could you be when
no one ever could

Poet of the call-girl storm

She left a note on the bedroom door.
“If I’m out, bring me to.”

I dropped by to see you
late last night
But you were out
like a light
Your head was on the floor
& rats played pool w/your eyes

Death is a good disguise
for late at night

Wrapping all games in its calm garden

But what happens
when the guests return
& all unmask
& you are asked
to leave
for want of a smile

I’ll still take you then
But I’m your friend.

If you don't like so much poetry ↑🔺, here you have a nice song "People are strange". Have a nice week!! Noelia


Movies at home

Hey there! These rainy and cold days are perfect to stay at home and have some rest. Winter holidays are coming and we will have more free time to enjoy watching movies at home. Today I want to share with you some well-known movies about Teachers. Enjoy them!


🎦 The class:I remember we saw this movie in Teaching Practicum 2.
 A teacher faces a racially mixed class in a Parisian neighbourhood. 


 🎦 Freedom writers: A young teacher inspires her class of at-risk student to learn tolerance.

🎦Mona Lisa Smile: A free-thinking art professor teaches conservative 1950s Wellesley girls to question their traditional social roles

🎦 Dead poets society: English teacher John Keating inspires his students to look at poetry with a different perspective of authentic knowledge and feelings

 🎦Good Will Hunting: Will Hunting, a janitor at M.I.T., has a gift for mathematics, but needs help from a psychologist to find direction in his life.

🎦 School of Rock: After being kicked out of a rock band, Dewey Finn becomes a substitute teacher of a strict elementary private school, only to try and turn it into a rock band

Thursday, 6 July 2017

What makes a good teacher?

As this year I may finish the English Teacher Training College, I feel that it's time to reflect on what type of teacher am I? Or what type of teacher I would like to be? I must confess that I'm a bit bossy but also friendly.
This year, I started working at secondary school. At the beginning I was worried but then I started enjoying it. My students are nice (I'm lucky!) and I enjoy talking about their future careers and give them advice.
In my moments of reflection, I've found this interesting article of Unicef called 'What makes a good teacher?' 500 children from 50 countries gave their opinion on what they consider what a good teacher is. Do you wanna know the answer?
Check it yourself!


Sunday, 2 July 2017

Hi there!!Today I bring an article for you about How to manage bad behaviour in the classroom.Have you ever dealt with a disruptive student?Have you wondered whether your reaction was the correct one or not?I almost sure you have.
 I think there is not a recipe to cope with bad behaviour but we have to keep in mind different strategies to use when we need it.I hope it'll be useful for you😉 Noelia


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

 Hi there! I think that studying for exams can be stressful. I find it quite difficult to stay focused on what I'm reading. So. it's important to prepare summaries in advance. Walking around my house while repeating the information is very useful for me, and I exercise at the same time ha ha...
I share with you some tips for the following exams. DON'T PROCRASTINATE!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

In my opinion, exams are highly stressful.However,I think they are really necessary.Before an exam, I need to read and summary all the texts.It's crucial to be present in every class and read the material beforehand,otherwise I feel lost throughout the explanation or discussion .I find it very useful to study with a partner in order to discuss any doubt.At least, these are my strategies. Noelia

Sunday, 11 June 2017

My baby

After reading (again) about FLA, I started paying more attention to my son's utterances. He can definitively understand more than what he actually produces.  He is in the 'two-word stage' and he can communicate with phrases like: 'Yes, please' or 'Thank you, mom'. Besides, I enjoy listening to him while he tries to produce a new item that calls his attention. He's so cute! I cannot help talking to him in a motherese way!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Hello everyone!!! After reading and discussing in class about First Language Acquisition, I want to share with you this brief video which summarizes some important concepts.I hope you enjoy it!! Noelia

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Here goes my gadget!!!

Hello everyone!! I want to share this video with you  in which you can find the different steps to carry out a task and some examples. I hope you like it.


Hi! I've found this great video to work on Gerunds and Infinitives. I'm planning to use it with my secondary students. Then I will let you know how things worked out.
Dai ❤

Monday, 8 May 2017

New gadget

Hi there!  I've just added our list of blogs. This will be useful to keep in touch with our mates! Xox

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Individual Task, page 35, Daiana Corvalan

Step 1

Look at newspaper advertisements applying for a job. Identify key words
 (vocabulary related to jobs)
Step 2

Read an applying e-mail in response to one of the previous advertisement. Write an e-mail using the same model but use your personal information.
Step 3

Read the different applying e-mails in response to the job advertisements then match the e-mails with the newspapers ads.
Step 4

Re-read the e-mails and identify the style (formal or informal) and use cue words to write sentences (responsible,tidy, punctual, outgoing, hardworking)
Step 5

Information gap role play. Student A plays the part of a potential employer who is looking for a new assistant and student B and C apply to the same interview.
Step 6

In groups, some students will create 'companies'. They will describe basic information about the company they work for and what kind of employee they are looking for. The rest of the class will have to write their CV, and then move around the classroom to have interviews with the different companies.